This’n Apocalypse Or Not? — Novella

“Wanna know what sucks most about an apocalypse? You don’t get to pick which kind you get!”

Surviving a worldwide plague can lead to unlikely alliances, especially in Hanning County.

The plague struck the old and the weak first, leaving teens and twenty-somethings to find their way.

Ashley Korrs is doing her best to keep the tribe of young survivors alive and together before their unlikely leader succumbs to his mental decline. She must learn all she can from Toby Cracken, the handyman who is a generation older than those he leads.

But when Toby is snatched by a violent gang, Ashley must consider cozying up with other enemies to rescue him. Even adversaries like notorious MacKenzie Tanner—as manageable as a wolverine stuck in a water bucket with the lid on.

Ashley learns that MacKenzie and her twin outlaw boyfriends may be just what’s needed to free Toby. But many secrets become exposed, and the truth comes to light in this story of small town reputations, rivalries, and survival. 

“Rich with pulpy apocalyptic dysfunction, ‘gritty’ is not a raw enough description—put on your grown-up pants before taking this journey.”

Post-Apocalypse, Dystopian, literary-ish