Go on, take a chance…

When the rules hold you back, it’s time to break them.

Tessa is an up and coming designer faced with a choice she never imagined: take her place among the 1% by accepting the offer of a billionaire patron who can give her everything she ever wanted, or defy the rules and seduce an older creative guy—her close friend’s idol—taking a chance on what could be true love.

Aleko is a natural rule breaker. He draws Tessa into an impassioned world where her dreams are in her own hands, not served to her at the cost of being a trophy—exactly what billionaire Rolf expects her to be.

But what if a fall into the margins, where nothing is certain, costs her everything? 

Set against the backdrop of a solar eclipse, Penumbra is a modern fable; a woman letting go, stepping off the conventional paths, and finding herself with an extraordinary man behind her. She’s going her own way, coming into her power while riding the thin edge between shadow and light.

NOTE: this novel is intended for mature readers only. Steamy hot “adult” situations and storyline, so heads up, set your inhibitions aside and enjoy the ride.

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