Love, Death, & The After: Never Again — Book 3

Blowback’s a bitch with a grudge, and she ain’t happy…

 Love, Death, & The After: Never Again picks up the story where TeamPlus, Tesla and the Nagual left off in Abandoned Spaces.

As if encountering a plan to end humanity in The After isn’t enough to deal with, throw in a local revolution, and the rise of a new apex species with a superiority complex, TeamPlus may have bitten off more than they can chew.

Tesla finds himself desperate to keep up, let alone stay alive. But Cain’s Nagual look easy compared to a fellow prodigy from The Before. Only Rainey and TeamPlus stand in his way. If he can keep his shit together and pour on the charm, he might pull off his end game—Check. And. Mate.

The third novel in this four part series, the thrilling conclusion in “Love, Death, & The After: Never Again” brings science-fiction, horror, and the dark side of the human soul to bear against the cautious need for romance, loyalty, and community in The After’s violent world hell-bent on devouring it all.

“Careful who you save, Doc”—an open hand or hammering fist may not be enough.