Disruptions” contains the first three short stories in Singles: a new contemporary short fiction series all bundled up in a quirky-stabby lil’ package.

In Errands “Sometimes a real mess is just the company we keep…” is the mantra of a crass, foul-mouthed nameless Guy trying to make ends meet while the rest of the world is shutting down. It’s a bumpy, gritty ride-along through a day’s checklist despite everybody else who seem hell bent on wanting something from all his getting things done.

A Hunter at the end of the world, a shaggy wild man on a mission, and…antelope. It’s not what you think. But it’s a dry heat for two Humen in this humorous, short fable where opposites collide, kinda literally.

A sit-down over a rare breakfast suffused with desire, tangled politics, subversion…and tea. Nothing is ever about what it’s really about with Infusion.