Costera: Pacific’s Daughter

“Greatness may be forged, but Basang Tao are born to be Legends” —Luther Kane, Costero

Upcoming new novel Fall 2020
Part of the Costeros Saga

A new post-apocalyptic sci-fi adventure, as told by Xa Ulaay, bioengineer & archivist of The Costeros People

A war is coming…

Only Kaila, known to her people as Pacific’s Daughter, has the power to stop it… if she chooses.

Earth is in ruins, the last of the human survivors scattered into warring factions. On the waters and wild shores of the Pacific Ocean one faction creates a new tech-savvy culture—the Costeros People. Bio-engineered Kaila, the first costera of a new generation, must choose to use her genetic gift for better or worse, and resist those with plans to exploit her.

The survival of her people depends on Kaila rising to her destiny as leader of a mythic warrior cult to stop the inlander factions who want to steal the Costeros’ technology and wealth.

But first she must throw down those who stand in her way before she can face her greatest opponent: herself.

Available on Amazon Fall 2020