Christopher Page is a graduate of the Creative Writing program at California State University Northridge. He is the author of numerous speculative fiction stories, and has a particular interest in fabulist, sci-fi, alternate history, dystopian, and 21st century literature. Christopher lives in California and is a referee for US Soccer and US Lacrosse.

Short Fiction

  • - Futuria - a collection of three short stories of a future.
  • - Humana - a collection of three short stories from different lives.
  • - Drive-Up - what happens when we finally get what we’ve always wanted and comes from a place and in a way we least expect?


  • - This N’ Apocalypse of Not? - an extremely gritty tale of young adults trying to save the last “old guy” on earth from himself and a sadistic gang.


  • - Love, Death, & The After – A Post-apocalyptic story of a Team who has every advantage from The Before encounters an enemy even they cannot overcome.
  • - Part 1: Darkness available on May 1, 2015

Novels on the way:

  • Part 2: Abandoned Spaces – Dr. Rainey and her Team discover the dirty secret behind the Nagual while a local militia and its charismatic leader plans to reclaim America, but Kendale and Rainey’s Team stand in their way.
  • Part 3: Death – Missions collide. Who will be left standing?
  • Parts4: The After – Fall out and consequences wreak havoc on those remaining that will shape The After and humanity’s future.

- Penumbra – A Romance-Erotic Romance crossover story set against the backdrop of an annular solar eclipse, a young designer unexpectedly falls for an older ‘mister yes’ but finds breaking social rules might cost her both her friends and her career, but could also give her everything she wants.

- Siren’s Daughters – A scifi-fantasy, coming of age fable: Araceli, a young woman stuck in a pre-determined life on a generation ship is thrust into an interplanetary war where fable is reality and everything she knew was a cover for a ancient truth that is both terrifying and deadly.

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