Fiction with a quirk. Stories with crass. Tales of irreverence. 21st-Century fables. Boundary crossing. Genre hybridization.

In the 21st century, fiction is never about what it’s really about.

Books & Stories

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Novellas and Short Stories


This’n Apocalypse Or Not?a post-apocalypse/fabulist novella

Drive-Up -a sentimental, fabulist/sci-fi short

Novels – Post-Apocalypse/Dystopian

Love, Death, & The After, a post apocalypse/sci-fi series:

Love, Death & The After: Darkness Book 1

Love, Death & The After: Abandoned Spaces Book 2

Love, Death & The After: Never Again Book 3

Novels – Romance

 Penumbraa steamy romance, a modern fable


Christopher “CK” Page wrangled a Creative Writing degree from an unsuspecting Californian university and authored & published numerous speculative fiction stories and a few novels, among other shenanigans. Christopher writes from overpopulated, under-watered California with a brilliant Mate and some Beasts (all knuckleheads of felus domesticus)—there are some grown-up Offspring somewhere—“Call yer father!” Sexy as hell, he stays fit in retirement from a career as a referee with US Soccer, CIF/NFHS, and US Lacrosse.



Between 2012 and 2015 my brother, Andrew, tried with modest success getting me on the horse with this indie author, writing, thing… I had no idea what I was doing, I did minimal research, things were crazy with my day job professional as a working soccer and lacrosse referee, and cycling through unique twists with …


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